Grade Four


Ritual objects are items used during Shabbat and other holidays.


  1. Why is a yad used?
  2. What goes into a mezuzah? Be specific.
  3. What goes into each of the tefillin components?
  4. What is the difference between the two menorahs?
  5. Why is a keter (torah crown) used?
  6. Why is a challah shaped the way that it is?


Research 3-5 Jewish organizations that help others

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

LGBTQ+ Resources and Advocacy

American Jewish World Service

Avodah: Jewish Leadership

Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger

Hazon: Sustainable Jewish Communities 

Anti-Defamation League

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Senior Services

Circle of Friends: Involving Children and Teens with Disabilities

Friendship Circle

Kesher Project for Adults with Developmental Disabilities 

Decide together as a family which organization would count as an upstander organization and why?

If you are able, give a donation to that organization. Or think about ways you might be able to help them.



What does it mean to be an upstander?

How are these organizations acting like upstanders?

Why is it important to do this kind of thing with what is happening in our world today?

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