ECC Program Descriptions

For children new to the ECC

For new children to the ECC (including all 2’s children even if they already have a sibling

in the ECC), a child’s placement is dictated by his/her age on 9/1/24. Refer to the table

below that shows age cohorts and program placement.


Age on 9/1/24


8M to < 24M

Gan Katan

18M to < 24M

Little Twos

24M to <3Y



3Y to <4Y


4Y to <5Y


Children turning five after 9/1/24 and before January 1st, 2025


As an example, if a child is new to the ECC and has a birthday of 10/5/20, they will be eligible for our 3’s program as they will turn 4 after the 9/1/24 cut off. For children already enrolled and returning to the ECC, a child’s placement is dictated by his/her age on 9/1/24, with some exceptions to account for the CT legislation. Refer to the table above that shows age cohorts and program placement.

Please note that families with children who are already enrolled in the ECC and who have birthdays after  9/1 and prior to 12/31, will have the choice of whether they would like to repeat their existing year or move forward with their current cohort and enter a 5’s program. We strongly recommend families keep children with their current cohort and consider a 5’s program at a later date. However, each family in this situation will need to make individual decisions about keeping their child back due to the new state guidelines.

Please see below for a description of all ECC program offerings. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing Lindsay at or calling our office at 203-227-1656.

In certain circumstances, children who are entering Temple Israel ECC will not be aligned with the age bracket listed in the program description. The ECC administration has the discretion to place children in programs where they will be most successful. If you have any questions, please email Lindsay and Bryan.

Gan Katan

Days to be determined. Registration will open in January 2024.

For children between 8 months and younger than 24 months as of 9/1/24 with a caregiver 

Gan Katan is geared for the youngest members of our ECC community where young children can play, learn and flourish. Teachers plan intentional learning experiences and introduce new activities to encourage development and stimulation. Gan Katan families are invited to take part in relevant workshops and attend our ECC Young Family Shabbats hosted throughout the year. 

Under 2’s

Children in the under 2’s are provided a first opportunity for separation from family and caregivers and an opportunity to experience new activities as part of a group cohort. Activities are carefully constructed to develop social and emotional, cognitive, physical, language, and creativity skills. Class size is limited to 8 children. 

3 Days a Week: Mon, Wed, Fri
For children at least 18 months of age and not yet 2 years as of September 1st, 2024 

5-Days: Monday-Friday 
For children turning 2 by September 1st, 2024 
*Beginning in January, children stay until 12:15pm and bring lunch 

Children in the 2’s program are introduced to a classroom setting in a five day a week program where they participate in sensory and creative experiences, as well as develop social skills through dramatic play and shared eating experiences. In our 2’s program, children take part in regular ECC specials such as music and creative movement. Class size is limited to eight children. 


5-Days:  Monday-Friday 
For children t
urning three by September 1st, 2024 

Children in the 3’s continue to develop independence and deepen their relationships to teachers and friends. Learning experiences promote problem-solving, self-regulation, and negotiation skills. Throughout the day, children participate in small and large groups where they can explore and interact with friends in their classroom. Children begin to learn the concept of letters, particularly the letters in their name, as well as a love and appreciation for reading.

5-Days:  Monday-Friday 
For children turning four by September 1st, 2024

Children in the 4’s take part in our play based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on the whole child. The curriculum promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while also developing independence and self-esteem. Children explore math science, art and literacy while exploring topics that are interesting and relatable to the children. Classrooms, rich with literature and text, encourage the understanding of print concepts and letter recognition. 

Afternoon Enrichment
5 Days Each Week

Afternoon enrichment classes are offered every day as options for children in the 3’s and 4’s programs to extend the school day. Current classes include martial arts, cooking, soccer, art, and music. Classes are subject to change.

Five Days: Monday-Friday 
For children turning five after 9/1/24 and before 01/01/25  

TI ECC will be hosting a Fives Program beginning September 2024. The 5’s program will be available for registration and will prioritize current TI and ECC families first. Dependent on enrollment, registration will then be open to other families.