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Dear Friends,

We are proud to share The Sound of TI at 75, a collection of songs recorded in honor of Temple Israel’s 75th anniversary, and made possible by Betsey and David Lebow and family. In offering this gift to our community, we gratefully take our place in the time honored tradition of soaring, transcendent music that has resided at the heart of this congregation for decades. 

With this project, we endeavored to capture the sound of this singular moment in TI’s history, a chapter characterized by dynamic vibrancy, radical inclusivity, and a clear message of belonging for all. As we continue to experience explosive growth as a congregation, we cultivate a growing musical offering to meet our expanding needs with consistent excellence and strength. Thanks to the steadfast support of TI’s leadership, our professional musical team has expanded to include two cantors, a music director, and a professional instrumental ensemble. Together, we form a musical tapestry that is warm, intimate, contemporary, and uniquely ours.  

The Sound of TI at 75 features original melodies by some of the leading voices in contemporary Jewish music – including Elana Arian, Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz, Cantor Ellen Dreskin, Noah Aronson and our own Cantor Becky Mann – that have quickly become congregational favorites. We hope this album sparks joy, brings comfort, and connects you to all who believe in the transformative power of music. Here’s to the next 75 years, to our Jewish home, to the strength of our community, to our future, together.

With love,
Cantor Julia Cadrain & Cantor Becky Mann

Recorded at Carriage House Studios, Stamford, CT

Cantor Julia Cadrain Vocals, Co-Producer
Cantor Becky Mann Vocals, Guitar, Co-Producer
Julian Chin Piano, Co-Producer
Elana Arian Vocals, Strings, Co-Producer
Malin Carta Clarinet
Mike Kuennen Bass
Yousif Sheronick Percussion
McLee Matthias Engineering and Mixing
Johnny Montagnese Engineering and Mixing
G&J Audio Mastering
Noah Zeitlin Photography and Design

With gratitude to David and Betsey Lebow and family for making this project possible.