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Sunday Funday Brunch

All school Community (kehilah) event

Gather around the table for a musical check in with your kehilah, your TI community. We’ll sing, learn, and have a great start to our week. Rabbi NB and her husband Noah will show up with a different breakfast food each week. Will you as well?

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Stories with Rabbi NB
Grades K-2

Bring your favorite snack and listen to a story, and participate in various interactive activities. Maybe even catch a glimpse of your favorite teacher.

You’ll also receive questions each week to discuss as a family.

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Snack Time with Rabbi NB
Grades 3-4

Listen to a story and “pack” your favorite snack. We’ll move around, and learn. Your teachers will be special guests and join us for snack time.

Bring the family and discuss afterwards!

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Telling your Story with Rabbi NB
Grades 5-6

Join Rabbi NB and your teachers and learn how to tell your story virtually. We’ll make our own photo booths, talk about how we share our Jewish story, and check in with our teachers. We’ll even learn a little bit about Judaism.

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Jew Tok!
Grade 7

Spend time with your friends, and de-stress from being at home constantly. This is your time to ask questions about Judaism that you haven’t had a chance to ask. Plus, teach Rabbi NB how to make a tik tok, and then we’ll make a combined 7th grade one.

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