Grade 7

Option 1

Read the following article

Summarize what you read and give your impressions of what the people of Denmark did for the Jews. Send your answers to Harriet.

Option 2
Learn about Anne Frank’s Life

Discuss with a parent or friend: Why do you think it was so important for Anne Frank to keep a diary? Why is it important for us to read books like Anne Frank’s diary today?

Option 3

Go to the
following article on Times of Israel, Kveller and Aish and read about Jewish athlete celebrities.

7 Female Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Jewish

Celebrities You May Not Know Are Jewish 

Summarize what these celebrities can do to help the cause of the Jewish people? What should they do? What would you do if you were famous?

Option 4 (mandatory for pre-B’nai Mitzvah students)

If you have not become Bar or Bat Mitzvah, record yourself practicing a prayer (go to our webpage and B’nai Mitzvah prep resources) and send it to Rabbi NB.