Grade 6

Please choose at least one videos to watch. Each covers a different Torah portions in the book of Exodus. Please choose one and answer the questions. When finished, send your answers to Harriet, Wendy, and Rabbi NB.

Parshat Shemot 

Shemot-the first parsha of Exodus

Who is the Main Character?

What is Moses’ reaction to being asked by god to free the Jews? What is his objection?

What does the storyteller say about this book and the one before it? 

Parshat Vaeira 

Vaeira – and he saw

Why wouldn’t the Jews listen to Moses?

Why do you think Pharaoh’s heart was hardened after each plague?

What does the drop of wine at the Seder table represent and why?

Parshat Bo 

Bo – meaning come

Why does God say “come” to Pharaoh to Moses and Aaron? 

How have Moses and Aaron changed since Parasha (Portion) Shemot?

Parshat Beshalach

Beshalach- Let Them eat Manna

What happens to Pharoah’s men? How did the Jews cross the Red Sea?

What did the Jews complain about the first time and the second time? How does Moses react?

What was the importance of” doubt”?

Holocaust Learning

Read the following article

Summarize what you read and give your impressions of what the people of Denmark did for the Jews. Send your answers to Rabbi NB.

How can we do something similar today?