Grade Five


At this time, we are very thankful to our doctors, nurses, and first responders who are on the front lines. They are our heroes, much like the article below describes. The article also discusses Jewish solidarity and today we are standing together as an entire world to beat this pandemic.

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Option 1

Amidah Learning: Learn about the Amidah, not just how to say it!

Once you’ve watched this video, answer the following question: What is the Amidah and why do we do it?

What is one prayer you might add to the Amidah?

Email your answer to Rabbi NB.


Option 2

We spend a lot of time praying but not talking about the structure of a service or why it flows like it does. Learn about the structure of a prayer service.

Discuss with a parent or write the answer to this question: Do you think our service works the way it was created, or should it be different? How?

Send your answer to Rabbi NB!