Grade Three


Imagine that you and your family are going on a trip to Israel. There is always so much to learn and see, even if you have already been there. This activity gives you a chance to get to know the places and cities of Israel a little better by making your own map.

Facts about the places you will be putting on your map: 

  • Jerusalem: Israel’s capital               
  • Haifa: Israel’s largest port city
  • Eilat: Israel’s southernmost port
  • Tel Aviv: Location of most foreign embassies
  • Be’er Sheva: Largest city in the Negev Desert
  • Mediterranean Sea: One of the largest seas in the world
  • Red Sea: Moses led the Israelites across this sea
  • Dead Sea: The lowest point on Earth
  • Sea of Galilee: Called the Kinneret in Hebrew.
  • Jordan River: Forms part of the border between Israel and its eastern neighbors





Speak with your family about Israel using these questions:

  • Has anyone in your family been to Israel? 
  • If the answer is yes, have them tell you about their trip. When did they go? Who did they go with? What did they see? Where did they go? How did Israel make them feel? Have them show you some pictures if they have them!
  • Why is Israel special to you?
  • Has anyone been to the shuk in Jerusalem? Ask them to tell you about it.

Watch the videos on Israel.

Israeli song learning

Visit Israel…go to the Shuk! 

Visit Israel – the Dead Sea

What are 3 facts you learned about the Shuk and/or the Dead Sea? Send your answers to Rabbi NB.


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