Grade Two


Enjoy the movie, The Story of Nachshon, together as a family.
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Describe what faith meant to Nachshon and how it helped the Jewish people.

How are we showing what it means to have faith today?

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Watch this Bim Bam Lech Lecha video.
After you watch the video, think about what’s in a name. List all of your names  (first, middle, last, and nicknames). If you know your Hebrew name, you can write that on the list too. You can ask your parents if they know what your name is.

Discuss these questions with your parents

When Avram and Sarai’s names changed to Abraham and Sarah, what did the change mean? Why were their names changed?

Do you know what your name means?

Do you know why your parents chose your name? Is there a story that you know? 

When do we use people’s names, and why do we use them? What are all the ways you can think of? 

Do different people have different names for you? Why do you think different people call you different things? Why do you call people different names? 

Would you ever want to change your name? If so, to what? Why?

Then, take a piece of paper and write your first name in bubble letters with a pencil, pen, marker or crayon. Then decorate the inside of each letter with pictures that show who you are and things that you like to do. You can either draw the pictures or cut some out from a magazine. If you have a very short name, you can also use another name too, like your middle, last or Hebrew name, or your nickname.