Grade 5 | God

Students will spend the year delving into the topic of God. Throughout the year, students will explore God through different kinds of relationships, developing outward from a relationship to self (through discovery of God’s “identity” – as humans understand it) to a direct, personal relationship to God through an exploration of God’s expectations of and relationship with the greater world. This curriculum ensures that God becomes taught explicitly, interweaving Torah and other Jewish sources with personal discovery to help elicit individual connections to God. Especially in a tradition steeped in questioning, God as a concept necessitates activity, conversation and interaction. The combination of God through self, a continual journey for each Jew, in connection with God through text, invites the Jewish learner to engage in the constant process of tikkun etzmi – self-growth – in terms of theological connection to Judaism.

Students focus on learning Hebrew through learning prayers and participation in tefillah. They will review the prayers learned in Fourth Grade and will learn V’ahavta (how to love God).


Jewish life learning Sun 9-10:30 or Sun 11-12:30 or Tue 4:15-5:45
Hebrew learning: Sun 10-1, Mon-Thur 4-7 (pick a 30 min slot)