Scholar-In-Residence Weekend

Spirituality, Faith and Happiness in the Modern Age
with Marianne Bennett-Altschul

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Women’s group

Spirituality and the Divine Feminine

Thursday, Nov. 9 at 7:00 pm

Join your TI sisters in a sacred gathering to celebrate the new moon and release what no longer serves you. Let’s step out of our “story” and into making space for new beginnings.


Parenting or Teacher Workshop

The Two Secret Keys to Raising Happy and Successful Children in a Hectic World

Friday, Nov. 10 at 9:15 am

We say we want happy children. But, do we truly know what makes them happy, healthy and successful? Come and learn the secret principles to lifelong happiness, health and total well-being.


Why are Jews Choosing Yoga Classes Instead of Synagogue on Friday Night?

Friday, Nov. 10 at 6:30 pm

Jews today are looking to eastern traditions and contemplative practices to find meaning, balance and peace. Yoga studios arepopping up everywhere. Why are modern Jews attracted to ancient yogic and meditation practices? Can our tradition deliver what people are getting on the yoga mat or meditation cushion?


Longevity, Soul and the Afterlife in Judaism

Saturday, Nov. 11 at 10:00 am

In Parashat Chayei Sarah we are told that Sarah dies at the age of 127 and Abraham at 175. In this interactive discussion — which is part of the regular weekly torah study — we will examine the Jewish concepts of soul and afterlife as they relate to the original parents of the Jewish people.


Lech Lecha: Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation on a Sacred Labyrinth

Sunday, Nov. 12 at 12:00 pm

Come and experience a fun and insightful walking meditation on a 26-foot labyrinth. If you have a difficult time sitting still or quieting your mind then labyrinth walking might be the meditation practice you have been looking for.