Westport Interfaith Refugee Settlement

Temple Israel has proudly partnered with seven other Westport houses of worship to resettle a refugee family in our area. Westport Interfaith Refugee Settlement is our community’s small but significant response to the humanitarian crisis ignited by wars, crises and disasters around the world.

Our Family 

Mohammed and Nour and their two small children were forced to leave their hometown in Syria in 2011 when it was bombed by the Assad regime. The family fled to Alexandria, Egypt, where they lived in more than a dozen different apartments within just a few years. They applied to come to the United States, were thoroughly vetted by the State Department, and arrived in July. A team of over 100 volunteers has procured a home for them to live in, provided daily English lessons, and looked after each step of their transition. They have started a new life. We are committed to helping them feel safe and secure here, and to achieve levels of educational and personal achievement that so many of us enjoy.

How You Can Help…

1. Employment
Mohammed is eager to work. As a result of his prior experience, he is highly qualified in the import-export industry, and could be particularly valuable to a firm doing business in the Middle East. Mohamed, a certified Arabic language instructor recently began teaching Arabic. However, he is currently seeking an opportunity to gain further experience by interning with a business professional in hopes of further strengthening his skills. 

2. Medical Care
The family is in need of medical care but have been placed on waiting lists. They are seeking physician who may be of assistance on a pro bono basis.

To offer assistance please contact Westport Interfaith Refugee Settlement, WIRSInfo@gmail.com 

We aim to keep this page updated with the family’s current needs. Please check back for further updates.

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