Passover is a time to create memories and celebrate traditions. This year, we are providing resources to help with your own family seder, and to assist you in preparing your family to be “together” during this time of physical separation: three seders, two cooking classes for your family to participate in with our congregation, tips for a successful virtual seder and online haggadah options

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2nd Night Congregational Seder with TI Clergy
Sun, Mar 28 | 7pm
Join your rabbis and TI family as we host a fun, interactive, music-filled seder on Zoom. 
7th Day Passover Service with Yizkor
Sat, April 3
9a | Torah Study
10a | Service with Yizkor
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NOTE: All Kesher JUDAICA classes for K-6 will be different March 21-23.
You are expected to attend the below events instead.

“Motzi the Matzah”: A Passover Zoom Comedy Show with the Bible Players
Sun, March 21 | 9a
A hilarious Passover Zoom adventure, just for TI families! The Bible Players are a wonderful improv troupe who will bring on the laughter while retelling the Passover story.

PJ Library Presents: All-Star Musical Passover Seder

Sun, March 21 | 4pm

Join us for a fun, highly-interactive 45-minute seder experience. We will tell the Passover story with traditional and contemporary songs, explore holiday foods, learn the blessings, sing the four questions, and retrace our journey from slavery to freedom. Outstanding Jewish artists such as Nefesh Mountain, Rick Recht, Joanie Leeds and Elana Jagoda are sure to engage families with their talent and spirit.

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Kesher Passover Music (K-4)

Mon, March 22 | 4:15p

Passover is full of so much incredible music and we are looking forward to singing with you. We’ll teach you “Chad Gadya,” “Who Knows One,” “The Frog Song” and many more favorites.

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Matzah Making with Chef Lauren Braun Costello

Tues, Mar 23 | 5p

Chef and TI member Lauren Braun Costello will teach us how to make matzah in a fun, accessible and brief 45 minute session. Ingredient list (hint: water, flour, nothing else) sent upon registration.

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BBYO and Kesher Teens Chocolate Seder

Tues, Mar 23 | 7:30p

Enjoy a delicious chocolate seder to get ready for Passover together. Some items we’ll ask you to have at home. RSVP early and get a seder package that you will pick up at TI beforehand. All grade 8-12 students are invited.

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“Passover” Doesn’t Mean What You Think! with Rabbi Moss

Wed, Mar 31 | 10a

How did the English name “Passover” come to be? You may be surprised to know that its ancient origins are totally different from what you might have learned in Hebrew School. Together we will uncover the ‘original’ meaning of the name and the holiday!

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Seder Setup

Seder Checklist>>

Seder Plate >>

Here are some tips to help you create a memorable seder:

Young children

Have each be responsible for presenting a plague, or draw what freedom means to them.

Older children

Have them draw/write how are they oppressed and what would they do to get rid of that oppression, or 
make a playlist of songs to represent the 4 children of the seder (Learn about the 4 children here).

Craft your Table

Guests can make their own seder table decor:  seder plate, matzah cover, afikomen bag, Elijah/Miriam’s cup.

Hide the Afikomen

Sneak the Afikomen in a word search, or a “Where’s Waldo” type hunt.

Please contact Rabbi NB with any questions about seder activities. email >>

Choose an Online Haggadah

For Everyone

Jewbelong Haggadah is family friendly and easy to use. Includes transliteration and some good modern readings!

Passover Haggadah includes resources for the whole family. A Reform seder.

Telling the Story: A Beautiful watercolor Haggadah. This is a descriptive Haggadah speaking to the traditional among us.

Modern Haggadah with great discussion questions along the way

Young Families

Escape Room Seder requires some set up, but is fun!

Passover Puppet Haggadah includes all the parts, but also cool puppets.

A Visual seder is for families who need to see what is going to happen when. This is also great for special needs families.

The Hamilton Haggadah is complete with a soundtrack and appropriate for K-6, and up.

Families with Older Relatives

A Virtual Haggadah is a ritual-based Haggadah, with all the options for a virtual seder and with readings/allusions to the current situation with Covid-19 in our world.

Quick Seder

10 Minute Haggadah is quick and easy. 

For Those Who Like to Learn

Social justice Haggadah, with modern day social justice questions for us to consider.

Pardes Seder Companion is for those who want to add additional learning to their seder.

Velveteen Rabbi’s Seder has readings and poems.

Feel free to choose and copy different pages or readings from different haggadot, as they may speak to a particular need you have this year.