Other Program Information

Special Needs

The goal of our Special Needs Program is to give every child an equal opportunity to learn about their Judaism and to be comfortable in a Jewish setting. Students learn Hebrew, Bible and the Holidays through a multimedia and sensory approach consisting of art, music, dance and individualized instruction.

Cultural Arts in Our Religious School

Music plays an integral part in our Religious School program. Special Shabbat, holiday, cultural and liturgical songs are taught through our music/service program led by our Rabbis and Cantors. Art is also a vital component of our Religious School program. Students participate in a variety of hands-on projects related to the curriculum for their respective grades.

Israeli Emissary Program

Thanks to the generosity of UJA/Federation of Westport, Weston, Wilton and Norwalk, every year Temple Israel has the honor of hosting a young Israeli emissary who lives in our community with host families and helps to establish a personal connection between our two countries. The Israeli emissary visits students in their classrooms, creating educational programs and participating in youth group activities. Children in all grade levels have the opportunity to interact with the emissary as they learn about life in Israel and how important it is for our community to remain strongly connected to the Jewish homeland.