Let’s start with your children, introduce us to them!

Sydney Frances Pollack (Baby A) and Stella Harper Pollack (Baby B) were born on 7/7/17 Stella was born 20 minutes after Sydney. Fun fact about our girls is that they are 3rd generation twins. Ari’s dad has a twin brother, Ari has a twin sister and we had twin girls. Both our little girls love to listen to music, dance and play with our pup Tyrone . They also have strong opinions about what they’re going to wear every morning.


Why did you select Temple Israel ECC?

Our first interaction with Temple Israel was the girl’s baby naming at Shabbat on the Beach. What an experience! We have never been part of a service that blended tradition, family, beauty, and spirituality in such an elegant and seamless way. Rabbi Moss in particular made our family feel so welcome and we weren’t even members yet. I think we knew immediately after the ceremony this was a truly special community.


How many other nursery schools did you visit prior to deciding TI was the right place for your family?

We visited 1 other school prior to deciding but always knew this would be the place we would send our girls. Everyone we met that day was so warm and welcoming.


What makes TI special to you and your family?

Our girls have been going to the ECC for such a short time and yet, they adore it. They look forward to getting up, going to school and hanging out with their teachers and new friends. These interactions are heartwarming and special to witness. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in our little ladies since they began school and can’t wait to watch them evolve.


Why did you choose this area to live?

After Ari finished his cardiology training in New York City, he met with a practice in the area where many of whom trained at the same institution as he did also happened to be members  of Temple Israel. They showed us around and we immediately fell in love with the area and knew this community would be a wonderful place to raise a family.


Describe the family friendships you have made through the ECC?

When we moved to the area, we didn’t know anyone but joining the ECC has allowed to meet many wonderful and like minded people going through the same struggles we are raising a young family. Lots of commonality and bonding with more to come I’m sure.


What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you guys?

One surprising thing about me is that before I had Tyrone (Sheepadoodle), I used to strongly dislike dogs. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without one. Something surprising about Ari is that he was actually an all county basketball player in high school and still has some decent moves.


What are your biggest challenges as parents to twin girls?

Great question. Leaving the ECC and getting the girls to the car can be a treacherous endeavour. Most days, we’re the last squad to leave school. Another thing that weighs on us is the importance of emphasizing individuality and also letting the girls be themselves. Despite the inevitable ups and downs they will face, we also find it very important to remind them to have each other’s backs.