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I’m very pleased to announce a Mission of Solidarity and Support to Israel, February 4-9 in partnership with TCS. This mission will be brief, intense, and very meaningful. We will sit with families of the hostages, visit wounded IDF soldiers, tour the Gaza Envelope, volunteer in the agriculture and social services sectors, learn from policy and military experts, and much more. We will listen, learn, and witness as we try to bring a measure of strength to our brothers and sisters.

Details and Cost



I have heard from many of you who, like me, feel compelled travel to Israel specifically at this time. Especially in the face of busy calendars and full schedules, this trip is an important act of Jewish strength and solidary, at a significant time in our Jewish lives.
We welcome the participation of friends and relatives beyond TI and TCS.
For those looking to travel at a slightly later date, the Jewish Federation of Greater Fairfield County will be conducting a mission in March.
Am Yisrael Chai,
Rabbi Michael S. Friedman