Dear Friends,

“You’ve always belonged here.” These words are now posted at each entrance to Temple Israel and are offered at the beginning of every Shabbat service. To us, they indicate that Temple Israel is a place where every person should feel welcome, known, valued and loved; a place where we feel supported, inspired and safe. Whether you’ve been a member for years or this is your first High Holy Days with us, this is the Jewish home we’ve always sought.

We welcome those who grew up Jewish and those who didn’t.
We welcome those who know Hebrew and those who are less comfortable.
We welcome those of varied backgrounds.
We welcome those who attend regularly and those who come less often.
We welcome those who question, struggle and doubt.

Over these upcoming High Holy Days, especially, we welcome anyone seeking to find awe and wonder, hope and purpose, community and connection, healing and justice. Which is, of course, every single one of us.

L’Shanah Tovah,

Signatures of TI Clergy

Rabbi Michael S. Friedman
Cantor Julia Cadrain
Rabbi Elana Nemitoff-Bresler
Rabbi Zachary A. Plesent
Cantor Becky Mann