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Sat Sept 19 | 4:00p
Downtown Westport

Each Rosh Hashanah we are invited to symbolically absolve ourselves of our mistakes by casting bread into water. This year we will gather with appropriate social distance for a brief clergy-led service and the opportunity for personal reflection. Bring your own bread.


Sun Sept 20 | 1:00p
Temple Israel Campus

The holidays would simply be incomplete without hearing the shofar in person. Thus on the second day of Rosh Hashanah we will host limited drive-in gatherings at our Temple Israel campus to hear this most Jewish of all sounds.


Tues Sept 15 & 22 |
Temple Israel Sanctuary

During this unique holiday season we are pleased to offer one family at a time the opportunity to spend private time in our beloved TI sanctuary. You can use this time to reflect, meditate, think, or even pray before the Torah scrolls in the open ark.
We will provide you with appropriate music, prayer liturgy, and health protocols.


Please join us at links provided below.


Sat Sept 19 | Mon Sept 28 | 12:00p

Rabbi Friedman will deliver his Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur sermon in this new format, suitable for our digital holidays. Immediately following his words he will host a moderated conversation in which you can engage with him by asking questions, adding your own thoughts, and probing more deeply.


Mon Sept 28 | 2p

We each have stories to share about this extraordinary year. Stories of how we have turned sorrow into celebration, or moved from tears to joy. Stories of how we have overcome challenges, grown in unexpected ways, and achieved new insight. On Yom Kippur afternoon we will gather in intimate Zoom groups to hear and discuss narratives presented by select congregants.


Fri Aug 21 & 28, Sept 4 & 11 | 12:00p

Is it always possible to forgive? Accepting and granting forgiveness can be among the hardest things we do. Yet, according to our sages, the work of teshuvah (repentance, repair) is so critical that God created it before creating the world itself! The month preceding Rosh Hashanah is a time to focus on that work. Join Rabbi Moss and Rabbi Nemitoff-Bresler as we explore what Judaism teaches about seeking and granting forgiveness from one another, God, and ourselves.


Tues Aug 25 | 7:00p
Wed Sept 2 | 10:00a

In keeping with the uniqueness of this High Holy Day season, we are going to be using a new machzor (High Holy Day Prayer Book) this year. Join Rabbi Moss to explore some of the rich spiritual tools Mishkan HaNefesh offers. This session will be offered twice. Please register for either one.

Congregants wishing to purchase their own prayer books can do so at and save 20% with discount code MHN2020.


Rosh Hashanah
Tues Aug 25 | 3:00p

Yom Kippur
Fri Sept 25 | 4:30p

We are proud to launch our 2020-2021 Kesher learning opportunities. Bring your TI family home as we celebrate the High Holy Days together. Students in grades K-7 and their families will sing, dance, create, and learn about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in these two fun and inspiring programs led by Rabbi Nemitoff-Bresler. A list of materials for our activities will be sent prior to the event date.