Grades K – 6


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Our kindergarten students are treated to “a taste of Judaism,” learning about the joy of our holidays and the importance of Jewish values in our everyday lives. In kindergarten we introduce the concept of mitzvot (commandments). Through games, stories, art and movement, students will explore the traditions of being kind, taking care of one’s self, and caring for animals, amongst others; all from the Jewish perspective.

First Grade

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First grade students discover Jewish holidays, symbols and traditions through song, creative play, crafts and hands-on activities. Shabbat is the centerpiece of our exploration, both during class and a family program. Students will also be introduced to Hebrew letters through targeted themes, for example, “Shin” for Shabbat, “Pay” for Pesach, “Tet” for Talit, and more.

Second Grade

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One central theme of the second-grade class will be the synagogue: the anchor of Jewish life. What do we do, see and hear at a synagogue? How does being at a synagogue make us feel? Students will learn about synagogues from around the world. Our second graders will also continue their exploration of the Jewish holidays and the Hebrew alphabet.

Third Grade

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Jewish life is like a treasure chest filled with precious jewels. Our third grade students will discover Judaism’s crown jewel: the Torah. From Creation to Exodus, the Torah will come alive as students explore its lessons through art, music and storytelling. Students will continue studying about Jewish celebrations, and will learn to read Hebrew.

Fourth Grade

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Fourth grade students will explore the concept of the Jewish identity. Students will tackle questions about what makes us who we are, and what unifies us as a community. Students will also delve into the Bible, and discover how it inspires our Judaism. Students will continue to practice and improve their Hebrew reading and writing skills, and will focus on understanding blessings and prayers such as the blessing for candle lighting and the Kiddush.

Additionally, chugim (special activities) – such as the challah cover factory – will help enrich the learning experience, as students select activities they are interested in to further explore and enjoy.    

Fifth Grade

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Fifth graders will journey back in time and place to the shtetls of pre-World War II Europe. Students will learn what life in the shtetls was like, and what contributed to their ancestors desire to emigrate. From fleeing poverty and religious persecution to arriving at Ellis Island, this class will bring the Jewish immigrants’ struggle to life. Students will also put the Jewish immigrant experience into a contemporary perspective, exploring ethical questions. Students will continue their Hebrew learning, with special attention given to the prayer, chanting and understanding of the Shabbat morning service. 

Additionally, chugim (special activities) – such as the challah cover factory – will help enrich the learning experience, as students select activities they are interested in to further explore and enjoy.

Sixth Grade

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Sixth-grade students will explore the connection between Torah and haftarah as they delve into text study and search for significance in their parashot and haftarot. These soon-to-be b’nei mitzvah will also take a closer look at some of the prophets as they compare contemporary leadership with leadership in biblical times. Students will also gain a mastery of the Torah service and closing prayers. Sixth-graders will also be given a forum to grapple with weighty ethical issues. We will discuss and debate a host of case studies and use Jewish resources to resolve each. Additionally, our sixth-grade class is matched with an Israeli class through Maagaleem – a program which is designed to strengthen the connection between American and Israeli teens. Through Maagaleem, which means circles, students will be challenged to examine their identity: self, family, community, Jewish community and clal (the extent of) Israel.