Grade 7 | Moving Traditions

Students focus on discovering what it means to be Jewish as they become adults in the eyes of the Jewish community. Through the explorations of themes related to B’nei Mitzvah, students delve into how they connect to ideas of money, relationships, friendships and identity. Some learning centers around the students’ increasing obligations to the community and how they see themselves as integral to the creation of community. Other sessions explore the social-emotional challenges of being a teenager while also finding Jewish meaning in their life. 

Grade 7 students will continue to work on Hebrew language learning, brushing up on the prayers they have learned thus far and adding Kiddush (the blessing over the wine on Friday night) and Kaddish (the mourning prayer) to their repertoire. Students may begin doing some modern Hebrew exploration.

Jewish life learning Tue 6-7:45

Hebrew learning: Sun 10-1, Mon-Thur 4-7 (pick a 30 min slot)