Clergy Winter Mini Course


Clergy Winter Mini Course:
Hidden Voices Of Torah
Sun  9:30-11a

One scholar describes Torah Narrative as a “sparce foreground with a vast background.” Our clergy will each focus on a character whose voice is hidden in the text, but loud and impactful outside of it.

Jan 13  | Rabbi Friedman
The Reluctant Voice of the Prophet
The classical prophets deliver moving orations as God’s mouthpiece.  In contrast, their personal voices can be difficult to hear. 

Jan 27 | Rabbi Moss
Asenath: The First Convert to Judaism?
Our patriarch Joseph gets almost 13 chapters of the Torah, but his wife Asenath, an Egyptian Priestess, gets only two verses. Later Jewish literature is deeply intrigued and troubled by Asenath. Come find out more about this mysterious character!

Feb 10 | Cantor Sklar
The Song of the Sea: Reclaiming Miriam’s Voice
Moses started the song but Miriam chimed in too. Why was her voice silenced and how do we reclaim women’s voices in our tradition?