Bridging Divides in 2020 Interfaith Choir

We invite you to participate in an ad hoc interfaith community choir for our Bridging Divides in 2020 Community Concert on Dec 7 at 7:30p.

Wed Dec 4  | 7:30p
Sat Dec 7 | 5:00p  with dinner provided

Sat Dec 7  | 7:30p

Billy Jonas, our artist-in-residence has invited us to form an ad hoc interfaith community choir. If you’re not familiar with Billy, he is a prolific songwriter whose songs have become standards in many faiths and his music for children is frequently heard on satellite radio.

The concert repertoire can be found at the Billy Jonas Scores link below. We will have hard copies of music at the Wednesday rehearsal but if you wanted a head start, the three songs to review on this page are:

  1. More Love
  2. Kol Han’shamah (“Every Living Soul”)
  3. Let There Be Light

Billy Jonas Choir