7th Grade

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Tuesday 6:00-8:00 pm

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Our 7th-grade students are offered three core courses as well as a host of electives which are designed to stimulate and challenge their intellect while furthering their Jewish understanding and identity. The evening sessions begin with our core studies, which are followed by a shared dinner and social time.  Core classes are:

  • Tefilot and Me: practicing Hebrew and in-depth learning about the liturgy
  • Holocaust: As seen through the eyes of children, survivors and the righteous
  • Jewish Values: Using a variety of media including books, movies and music, students will explore Jewish principles such as lo levayesh (do not shame others), din v’rachamim (justice and mercy) and nedivut (generosity).

After dinner concludes, our teens reconvene to tackle such electives as Food in Biblical Times, and Israel and Me.