1st & 2nd Grade

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Sunday 9:00-10:30 am
Monday 4:00-5:30 pm


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Grade 1:
In grade one, we continue to nurture the child’s sense of Jewish identity. Students will discover Jewish holidays, symbols and traditions through music, creative play, crafts and hands-on activities. Shabbat is the centerpiece of our exploration, both during class and in a special family program. Students will also be introduced to some of Hebrew letters through useful synagogue-based vocabulary.  School-wide celebrations add to the joy.

Grade 2:
In grade two, the primary goal is to welcome the child to the life of the synagogue, the anchor of Jewish life. What do we do, see and hear at a synagogue? How does being at a synagogue make us feel? Students will learn about synagogues from around the world.

They will continue to learn about and celebrate the holidays all while exploring new Jewish values.  Additional Hebrew letters are introduced and music and school-wide celebrations add to the joy.