The Hebrew word for love is AHAVA (parents explain to students).

There is a beautiful sculpture with the Hebrew letters for the word ahava in Israel.

Please watch the following video.

Let’s make a mobile using the English letters
A H A V A. Bubble letters would be perfect. Each letter could be decorated differently. Markers or crayons, stickers, string and hanger are all you need! Write each letter on a piece of paper, cut it out, decorate it and attach to the hanger in order.

Present the mobile to your family and hang it in a place where it can be seen. Every time you see it remember the love that is in your family.

Once you’ve made the mobile, Tell each family member something you love about them and then ask what is something they love about you?


Share with your child what made you fall in love with your spouse. I am sure your child would love to hear how you met!

Once you’ve done this, have a short discussion: How as a family can we show love/caring to someone in our extended family or community who may need a little extra TLC in these difficult times?