Family Honors

Family and friends may be honored with an aliyah — the blessing before and after reading the Torah. Generally you will have three aliyot, each which can be parceled out to a small group (ie, grandparents and aunts and uncles). The b’nei mitzvah has the honor of the fourth aliyah.

An aliyah form is provided in your google folder, and here. Please return your completed aliyah form at least two weeks before your child’s bar/bat mitzvah.  

Grandparents and parents are invited to participate in the passing of the Torah scroll from generation to generation.

Younger siblings may have the honor of reading an English prayer for peace.

Older siblings may have the honor of an aliyah, or of lifting the Torah scroll.

You can find recordings and text for all blessings and prayers, including the Torah blessings recited by those honored with an aliyah here: