Adult Jewish Learning

Did you know that Rabbi Akiva, one of the greatest Jewish sages, started learning at age 40? The perfect time to start is right now! We offer a variety of engaging learning options for students of all backgrounds.


Conversational Hebrew Class 

Mon 7p
March 9 & 23 | April 13 & 27 | May 11 & June 1
Have you always wanted to learn how to converse in hebrew? Are you traveling to Israel and desire to communicate in the official language? Class is open to adults and teens. No hebrew background is necessary.


Torah 2020
‘Magida’s Modern Midrash’
Wed Mar 11, 18
Thur Mar 26
Teacher: Dan Magida

For thousands of years Jews have been coming up with creative solutions to gaps, inconsistencies, and other problems in the text of the Torah. These interpretations, broadly speaking, we call Midrash. In this three part class, we will make use of this ancient strategy ourselves. We will both examine rabbinic Midrash and flex our own creative muscles as Midrash-makers.


Rabbi Orkand
Schindler Scholar-in-Residence
Fri Apr 3-Sun Apr 5
Rabbi Emeritus Bob Orkand returns to us as our Scholar-In-Residence to engage us at our Shabbat service, morning minyan, and Sunday adult education lecture.


Sharing Your Legacy
Wed 7p
Apr 22, 29, May 6

A continuation of her erev Rosh Hashanah sermon Rabbi NB will explore what it means to make decisions now so that you can live your best life. We will discover what Judaism says about end of life decisions and also work to solidify what is important to us.


B’nei Mitzvah Class
Mon 5-7p

Learn to read Hebrew from the torah, connect with other adults interested in exploring their Jewish roots, immerse yourself in Jewish tradition, and build friendships within a sacred community of learners. No Hebrew literacy required. 

Instructors: Rabbis Danny Moss, Elana Nemitoff-Bresler, and Susan Landau Moss

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Hebrew Class
Mon 6-7p

For adult and teen students who are interested in learning Hebrew from scratch (without the commitment to becomingB’nei Mitzvah) we offer the option to sign up for the Hebrew class only from 6-7p.

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Introduction to Talmud
with Rabbi Moss
Wed 10-11a
Jan 22, 29 | Feb 19, 26 | Mar 18, 25 | Apr 22, 29


You’ve probably heard of the Talmud, but what is it? Why does it hold such a prominent position in Jewish learning, law, and morality? In this class we will take a look at the histories, mysteries, and major figures of the Talmud. We will also study some of its texts. No prior experience with Babylonian Aramaic required. All sources will be available in English translation. 


Interfaith Theology Course
Tues 11a-12p

Clergy from various denominations address essential religious topics including creation, revelation, redemption, good and evil, covenant, and many other topics. Rabbi Friedman will teach the first two sessions on Sept 3 & 10. All are welcome.
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Saturday Morning Minyan and Torah Study
Sat 9a

Shabbat services, bagels and the study of the weekly parashah.




Past Offerings:

Rabbi Orkand: 70th Anniversary Kickoff

A Taste of Mussar: The Personal Ethics of Liberation

Kol Isha: A Woman’s Voice in Jewish Tradition, with world-renowned professors

Clergy Winter Mini Course: Hidden Voices of Torah


Chanukah: Flames of Division & Light of Hope
with Rabbi Moss
Sun Dec 15 |  10a

The valiant Maccabees have become a symbol of heroism for everyone from modern Israeli soldiers to elite Jewish athletes. Do these victors of the Chanukah story deserve our adoration? We will look at the true history of the Maccabees and discern what they can teach us about our own days of bitter culture battles and political malfeasance.


Returning to our Best Selves:
Teshuvah in the Wisdom of Maimonides with Rabbi Moss
The Hebrew month of Elul, which precedes our High Holy Days, is a time of reflection, introspection, and repair (teshuvah). This three-part mini-series will probe the deeper meanings and practical dimensions of teshuvah, the journey back to our best selves, through the scholarship of the great Moses Maimonides (and maybe a few real-life examples from Netflix). No prior knowledge is necessary. All sources will be available in translation.


Israeli Elections, Take Two: What has Changed; What’s at Stake?
On Sept 17 Israelis will go to the polls to elect the 120 members of the 22nd Knesset. Rabbi Friedman will explain why this is happening, what has changed since the April elections, and what is at stake for Israeli society.