Eighth and Ninth Grade

A combination of core and elective topics offered as mini-courses throughout the year expose pre-Confirmation students to a wide array of Jewish subjects, such as Jewish cultural arts (music, art, literature, film, food), life for teens in Israel, Jewish values in a changing world, understanding prejudice and learning tolerance, Torah for today, social action, student-teacher training, and song leading . The informal nature of classes encourages open dialogue, discussion and questioning, providing students a forum for continuing their Jewish education that is social, comfortable and intellectually stimulating. Courses change from year to year in response to the students’ interests.

 Tenth Grade (Confirmation)

Instructors: Rabbi Friedman, Rabbi Schwartz. Confirmation students study and discuss Jewish views on current issues, which may include topics such as relationships, cults and missionary groups, Israel, juvenile justice, abortion, human sexuality, tikun olam (social action), Shabbat, separation of religion and state, and more. The Rabbis are happy to deal with issues that are proposed by the students themselves. The centerpiece of the Confirmation experience is a four-day “L’taken Political Action Seminar” at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington, D.C. Participants study important social and political issues from a Jewish perspective and then have a chance to lobby their representatives in the Capitol. The year culminates with the ceremony of Confirmation during the festival of Shavuot. Confirmands lead services and “confirm” their commitment to Judaism.

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Eleventh and Twelfth Grade (Post Confirmation)

Post-Confirmation students meet every other week. This program offers students the opportunity to grapple with the most critical and controversial issues facing American Jews in the 21st century. These discussions are designed to help to prepare our students to be confident and knowledgeable in their Judaism before graduating from high school and leaving home. Possible topics can include: Jewish survival, anti-Semitism, intermarriage, social action as a Jewish value, the politics of Israel, and religious pluralism in Israel. There are also opportunities to study Jewish texts (Torah, Talmud, Midrash) that deal with issues such as sex and relationships or business ethics. Twelfth grade culminates the Religious School experience with graduation during a Shabbat service in the spring.

Jewish Teens Together (JTT)

Jewish Teens Together (JTT), is a new community collaboration for 8-12 graders presented by Temple Israel and The Conservative Synagogue. This new teen program is open to all 8-12 graders in Westport, Weston and beyond. In collaboration with The Conservative Synagogue we will be hostings several activities including a Mystery Night, Inside Out: The Power of Sharing Stories, Teens in Action and more. To recieve future updates and news regarding JTT please complete our interest form

Free for TI High and TCS TILES & USY teens.