Family Connection

Family Programs 

Sundays 8:45 am - 11:00 am

Lifelong Connections. Sacred Community.
Shared Jewish Learning Experiences.

Amongst the many wonderful aspects of our Religious School is our grade-wide family programs. We believe that our students can have a richer religious school experience when they have oppourtunities to learn with their families.

Our programs include a variety of different activities for parents and their children that are engaging, accessible, and interesting.

For more information, contact Rabbi PJ Schwartz at  or (203) 227-1293 ext. 304.

Looking Ahead

Some of the most challengeing questions we receive from children are those about God. Does God exist? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why can't I see God? Perhaps what is more difficult than the questions themselves is determining how to best answer them! We will explore the answers to these questions, as well as others, by reflecting upon our own God beliefs and determine effective ways for these conversations about God with our children to occur.

2016- 2017 Programs

First Grade, November 20
Let's Celebrate Shabbat!

Second Grade, December 4
Shedding Light on Chanukah

Third Grade, March 27
From Slavery to Freedom: The Story of Passover

Fourth Grade, September 25
Talking about God with Your Child (Special parents only session)

Fourth Grade, November 6
God in our Lives

Fifth Grade, March 5
Ellis Island Immigration Experience

Fifth Grade, April 23 (time tbd) 
Jewish New York Field Trip

Sixth Grade (date tbd)
Putting the Mitzvah Back in B'nei Mitzvah

Sixith Grade, April 2
Memories, Hopes, and Fears: A B'nei Mitzvah Family Experience

Sixth Grade, April 23 (time tbd)
Jewish New York Field Trip


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